Returns & Exchanges

We absolutely understand ordering the wrong size clothing; it happens to us all. We do our best to provide the accurate sizing information for the items. If you have any questions about sizing, send us an email at That being said, if the item is NOT a custom order and is in NEW, UNUSED condition, we would be happen to exchange your item for the appropriate size. 

If you have purchased a necklace that has broken, please see the section below. We would love to make it right and fix it for you.


We want to make shipping affordable as possible therefore shipping is a flat rate of $4.75 plus $1.00 per item. This helps cover the cost of shipping supplies and a portion of the cost to ship the items. 

Processing Times

We do are best to ship out faster but will not compromise the integrity of the item. All of our items are created by hand, we believe in quality over quantity. 

Care instructions

These necklaces and bracelets are handmade and delicate. Please care for them accordingly. Please do not bathe or swim while wearing these. If something is on the beads, you can easily wipe them off and dry completely.

The Bubble Gum bracelets we make are made with Magic Stretch. We have tried many other elastic options and have found this to be the best. If the bracelet is played with a lot, it will eventually start to stretch. But DON'T WORRY, that's what the magic is all about! Simply place the bracelet aside and within a few minutes, it will shrink back to its original size. 

Uh-Oh did your necklace break?

We do our very best and take extra time to ensure each item is safely secure before sending out in the mail. Although not common, accidents do happen. Please email us at with pictures and details. We will do our absolute best to help with the broken piece.  Fixing an Alice Lee Princess Boutique necklace will be free of charge, but we just ask you to pay shipping. 

Please understand that we cannot replace the item if it has been lost or the beading cannot be found. We value our customers and want to provide the best service that's fair to all parties.

If you purchased a bubble gum necklace from somewhere else and it broke, don't worry! Email us with before and after pictures. If it is something we can reasonably repair, we would love to help. The necklace will come back to you with our classic crown toggle closure, crown charm, and metal spacer beads. To repair the necklace, there will be a charge of $10 + shipping.